About the School

Chattahoochee Elementary School is located on the border of Florida and Georgia. CES opened its doors for the first group of K-6 students in August of 1972. The school now serve students in grades Pre-Kindergarten - Fifth.


Chattahoochee Elementary School is committed to ensuring all students learn and are well prepared for middle school!

Parent Letter

Dear CES Parents,

Our school is continuing to experience change this year. The school has new faculty, new students, and a new philosophy of education.

The educational focus this year is  your child as an individual. Teachers and staff are committed to helping your child be successful. We understand that changes occur however, we will ensure that the smoothest transition possible always take place.  We will work to strengthen the bond between teachers and student, giving parents a close link to their child's school life.  For educators and parents it is a wonderful time to listen to what the youth are experiencing and help them to grow into responsible and respectable adults.

You are a part of your child's education. We cannot teach your child without you. We will be in constant contact with you regarding your child's progress. Likewise, we want you to feel at home ( a special visitor's badge has been prepared and is at the front office desk to simplify your time in our school.) We expect you to come and visit us often.

Thank you for your support,
The CES Faculty and Staff

Philosophy of Education

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School is a community of learners who believe that learning is a lifetime commitment.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School is strong in its belief that it is the school's responsibility to foster the educational learning of students and to emphasize a child's physical and social development as as part of the total learning process.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School makes a strong commitment to truth and honor that supports an environment where compassion, respect, responsibility, self-discipline diligence, and hard work are evident.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School values the development of individual character. Thus, it is a place for exploring and learning about oneself and others.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School believes that students have multiple talents and abilities. Expressing these talents and abilities will be fostered in each individual child.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School believes in the mutual support of home, school, and community in the development of our children. CES endeavors to create and provide collaborative opportunities to enrich the educational development of its students and its role as part of the greater community.

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School believes that by offering a quality educational program that its students will then move forward in their lives with the necessary skills to be successful and to promote education for others.